John Dilling
- Star Dust - (Spark Plugs / Bougies)
Environmental artwork Fossil to Fossil.
It is partly because of Spark plugs that climate change and environmental problems arise in burning up Fossil Fuels, resurrected from our Mother Earth.
Since the industrial revolution and the traditional energy transition began in the 19th century, the Spark Plug was created for burning up Fossil Fuels for energy of engines.
The spark plugs of my sculpture form a geometric pattern, it depicts as a Metaphor to a Fossilized Sea Star some 80.000.000 mln.year, not yet as old as the Fossil Oil.
Spark plugs have the function to generating energy from Fossil Fuel in the core of conventional "old-fashioned" internal combustion engines. By igniting a spark in it, the petrol “Fossil Fuel" explodes, Instead of Diesel Fuel it has self-ignition due to its very high compression, the emissions of which end up in our atmosphere as nitrogen, CO2 and particulate matter. 
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