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Over het werkFluid Time / Krystyna Ziach 2021-2022Krystyna Ziach’s Spaces of Sculptural Imagination, text by Christian Gattinoni, chief editor of lacritique.org 2015Space of Imagination / Krystyna Ziach, book, text by Hans Rooseboom, curator of photography at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, 2014Krystyna Ziach, Marged Disciplines, text by Hans Rooseboom, curator of photography at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, 2014Dark Street Revisited, 2013Work of Krystyna Ziach in collection of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, 2012Ephemeral Library 2010-2018Into the Void 2010-2017Inner Eye / Krystyna Ziach, by Joanne Dijkman, 2008Infinity & Archê/ Krystyna Ziach, book texts by Flor Bex, director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Muhka Antwerp, 2006The Elements of Existence / Krystyna Ziach - ARCHÊ, by Cees Strauss, 1996Archê - The Ambivalence of Water and Fire / Krystyna Ziach, by Mirelle Thijsen, 1996Krystyna Ziach - Where Emotion Meets Reason, by Cees Straus, 1994A Chamber of Mirrors, text by Reinhold Misselbeck, curator of photography & new media of the Ludwig Museum, Cologne, 1994A Garden of Illusion / Krystyna Ziach, 1993, text by Iris DikOuter Space / Krystyna Ziach, text by Alexandra Noble, curator of the South Bank Centre in London,1991Melancholy / Krystyna Ziach - Drama Between Ratio and Emotion, text by Mirelle Thijsen, 1990Japan / Krystyna Ziach, by Huib Dalitz, a former director of the Foundation of Visual Arts Amsterdam, 1988Krystyna Ziach / Metamorphosis, text by Gabriel Bauret, Camera International, 1986, Paris
Ephemeral Library

Ephemeral Library is a series of photoworks focusing on the temporary nature of an incidentally developing ‘library’. Pictures of a collection of books, newspapers, magazines, advertising leaflets, handwritten letters, notes etcetera, together make up the images of the photoworks. In fact the ‘library’ merely exists at the moment the photograph is taken. The temporary and chaotic nature of the body of this tangible profusion of information makes it difficult to be deciphered or read. It seems as if it loses its initial meaning. The paper, with on the one hand the materiality of its sculptural character and on the other the immateriality of its content, plays a part in the work. Opposites such as individual/collective and anonymous / personal and the paradox of ‘beauty and poverty’ also play a part in the work. Several photoworks in the series refer to archetypal shapes such as the column/obelisk and the pyramid / mastaba. The photoworks furthermore emphasize the perishable nature of the complete overproduction of ‘sense and nonsense’ on paper.
Translation: Hanny Keulers
Krystyna Ziach Curriculum Vitae
Ephemeral Library I
Lambda c-print, 155 x 108 cm
Ephemeral Library 2010-2018
Krystyna Ziach Curriculum Vitae (2)
Die Grosse Kunstausstellung NRW, 2013
Museum Kunst Palast, Düsseldorf, DE
Work from the series Ephemeral Library, right
Krystyna Ziach Curriculum Vitae (3)
Ephemeral Library V, version 2
Diptych, lambda-prints, 170 x 230 cm
Ephemeral Library 2010-2018
Krystyna Ziach Curriculum Vitae (4)
Ephemeral Library II & Ephemeral Library III
Lambda-prints, 45 X 145 cm, each
Ephemeral Library 2010-2018